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Online Assessment for the students.Workbooks for Classroom teaching.


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Once in a Life time Opportunity to serve the student community


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We are a student-centric online application encouraging Self Learning habit of every Engineering Aspirant.


Welcome to BeIITIANS

About Us

Founded in 2010 as USN Edutech Private Limited. We are India’s premier web-based service provider on Virtual Learning Environment Platform. We provide turnkey solutions for Online Education and Testing Solutions and a Proud Partner of Microsoft BizSpark Program.

We provide Student-Centric Online Applications enabling self paced Virtual Learning through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and Student Learning Outcome Assessment Cycles (SLOAC).

We cater to the entire Education Ecosystem by supporting Educational Institutions, Teaching Fraternity and Parents with Student being the Pivot.

Our emphasis on Learning, Quality and Customer Service translates into Academic Success for the Students.

"This is going to help every Engineering Aspirant"

-Ms. Anusha Ganti, Student Class XII

"Simulated Online Practice every day in sync with Classroom teachings is a great way of building Foundation for all Competitive Exams for my Kid."

- Mr. Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed, Father of Mohammed Nazeer, Student Class XI

"Automation in education sector is much needed and this software is unique and immensely useful to students, teachers, parents and managements."

-Mr. Janardhan Reddy, Correspondent CRR High School, Kurnool

Daily PracticeTEST-Daily Practice

Select the Chapter/s discussed in your classroom today in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and synchronize with Online Practice the same day. The emphasis is on Daily Practice and it optimize Learning Retention. This makes part of Formative Assessment.

Weekly TestTEST-Weekly Test

An Automated Weekly Test is derived out of Daily Practice done every day thorough out the week. This will help you prepare review the learning achieved in the week. This forms the Summative Assessment.

Live TestLive Test-
Monthly and Pre-Final Examinations

A Pre-Scheduled Common Question Papers for all the Students across India is conducted, enabling you assess and benchmark your learning performance. Its simulated on the lines of AIEEE Test.


is based on Monthly and Pre-Final Examinations. You will get an All India Rank which will indicate your Final Probable Rank.


Results among a homogenous group for benchmarking performance. This is based on the Monthly and Pre-Final Examinations.


The performance is generated as a Gap Analysis for actionable. You can analyse the learning in each topic practice and topics not practiced yet or not thoroughly practiced. It equals allows you to start practice from that point onwards.


Provide Internal and External Knowledge fulfilling the Objectives of Learning.


Maps the Learning Curve Month on Month of a given Individual with a Benchmark Evaluation along with peers.


Both Tests and Reports are generated in Realtime


You can clarify the Doubts by posting your Queries to the Subject Matter Experts. They shall respond to you individually. A repository of Queries and cleared Doubts is maintained throughout the academic year for your future reference.

Knowledge CornerKnowledge Corner

Relevant and updated information is posted to up-skill knowhow. The information range is specific on your academics and in general on the know-how.

Daily DiaryDaily Diary

You can organize your activities, schedules, reminders and academic planning along with your personal e-daily which is in particular your Personalized Space. A very handy tool helpful throughout the year and particularly during your peak hour exam preparations.